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Brazil Land Investment opportunities

Development Land for sale in
Pitimbu, Brazil

Development Land for sale - Pitimbu, Brazil

High Growth, Low Cost, Condominium Lots, in Stunning Brazil Beach Location


  • High quality, 'buy & hold' investment
  • High growth & income potential
  • Discount for Multi Lot Purchase
  • Multi - option Investment - buy & hold,
    buy & build & sell / rent
  • Located just 30 minutes from Fiat's new flagship South American car complex
  • Security of Freehold Title & Condo is owned outright by Developer, with clear title & no debt

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Development Land for sale in
Praiabela, Brazil

Development Land for sale- Praiabela, Brazil

Elevated sea view development lots on one of Brazil's famous beaches


  • Brazil offers UK investors investment diversity and this investment excels in offering a high guaranteed income for 3 years, combined with excellent capital growth prospects
  • Building Permission in place & all legalities complete (taxes paid, clear freehold title)
  • Rare opportunity to buy adjoining lots

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Latest development news in Brazil

More good news for our Brazilian investors, as Fiat and other leading manufacturers continue to move into the area.

Fiat-Chrysler Factory in Goiana

Fiat’s flagship Brazilian factory is nearing completion in Pernambuco, occupying a vast 14 million square feet in the town of Goiana, located 62 km from the capital city, Recife and 52 km from the adjoining state capital city of Paraiba, Joao Pessoa.

It will form Fiat’s most important South American development, providing: automotive production, supplier park, training centre, research and development centre, test track and proving ground. The concentration of all these processes in the same industrial park will help to increase the efficiency on the assembly line. This substantial development will provide a massive boost to the socio-economic development of the Region, in what is already considered a dynamic, prosperous and economically diverse area.


Brennand-cimentos - Pitimbu - Paraiba

Ricardo Brennand Group is building a cement factory in the city of Pitimbu, approximately 6 kms of the Condo Praia Ponta de Coqueiros. The new factory will have modern facilities and the latest quality control systems, with low power consumption. The layout of the sequential plant will provide protected areas to ensure environmental controls and better handling of raw materials.

The industrial unit will generate 200 direct jobs and 600 indirect jobs and the mine unit 45 direct and 120 indirect. Once fully established, 1,800 direct jobs will be provided. The production plan of the plant is for a capacity of 3,000 t / d clinker and 1,500,000 tons / year of cement production.


Industrial District of Caapora - Paraiba

Caapora is the nearest city to the beach of Condo Praia Ponta de Coqueiros, located just 8 kms from the Condo. It is a substantial development area, with the support of the state Government of Paraiba. Improvement of roads and ecological sightseeing are materializing, continuing the increase in demand for property in the area.


Vidros Planos do Nordeste (vivix)

The Vivix (Vidros Planos do Nordeste), located approximately 10 kms of the Condo Praia Ponta de Coqueiros, in the municipality of Goiana, is one of the most modern factories of flat glass in the world.

In January 2014, it began production and in February of the same year went on to produce the first plates of glass totally Brazilian sourced. The project is the result of an investment of over U.S. $1 billion, with 500 direct jobs and 1,500 indirect jobs.

Vivix produce colorless glass, painted, laminated and flat mirrors, the main customers being civil construction and furniture companies.



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